275 kg

11000 W


129 Km/h


160 Km

Electric scooter BMW C evolution ABS (Used 2000km)

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Equipped with a winter apron, luggage rack and GIVI 47L top case. Vehicle like new, no scratches, never dropped



With the BMW C evolution, you can experience the urban mobility of tomorrow today and without having to make any sacrifice. On the contrary: this electric maxi-scooter combines durability, dynamics and agility in a single design that attracts all eyes. It not only leaves exhaust and noise far behind, but also all other vehicles on the road with the greatest of ease. The powerful and fully electric drive takes you to your destination in no time and gives you the purest driving pleasure. Thanks to its autonomy of up to 160 kilometers, you can enjoy it all day long. In addition, there are four driving modes and intelligent energy recovery during braking and acceleration. Maximized driving performance, respect for the environment, cutting-edge technologies – pure driving pleasure, without sacrificing anything.

A design projected into the future.
The style of the C evolution is futuristic but also easily recognizable and typically BMW Motorrad. LED daytime running lights, LED lighting and the large TFT color screen highlight the technological advances of the machine. Simultaneously, its split-face front part is an obvious reflection of the lines of the BMW Motorrad maxi-scooters. The new attractive metallic color, Ionic Silver, married to the Electric Green color, clearly asserts itself. The new look of the side plating gives an even more modern look to this electric maxi-scooter. High-end finishes and premium details, such as the colored saddle stitching or the tinted windshield beautifully enrich the design.
Technology powered by BMW i.

The electrical energy storage device in the BMW C evolution is made up of three modules, each containing twelve lithium-ion battery cells. Thanks to the latest generation 94 Ah battery modules, compared to the previous 60 Ah, the C evolution now has a range of up to 160 km (according to the WMTC).

Fully waterproof, the battery case is made of die-cast aluminum and also houses the entire electronic control and charging system. It is both a chassis support and shockproof protection for the lithium-ion battery module.

BMW i inspired the C evolution battery. The high-quality modules are identical to those used on the BMW i3 and they are produced in the same factory in Dingolfing. Certain features of the i3 and i8 electronic control system have also been adopted. Among them, voltage, current and temperature, in order to guarantee the safe activation and deactivation of high voltage.

A full load of driving pleasure.

The battery of the BMW C evolution is charged using the integrated charger. This can be done both at a normal household outlet and at a charging station. The plug of the charging power connector on the vehicle is compatible with the type 1 car connector. The standard charging cable has the appropriate national connector to adapt to household outlets. It is also possible to use a Mode 3 charger cable to be able to use public charging stations or wallboxes. You have access to a current of 16 A for faster charging.

The short loading times are very practical for daily use. Just like the silent charging mode, which slightly increases the charging time, but makes the process less noisy.

Fueled by innovation.

The C evolution sets technological standards and stands out for its great versatility. With its four different driving modes, the C evolution leaves nothing to be desired and promises variable driving perfectly suited to the driver’s expectations. But the innovative features, such as reverse assistance and anti-skid control thanks to the torque control assistant (TCA) clearly state one thing: with the C evolution, you will be pioneering a new movement, without sacrificing anything in terms of driving performance and respect for the environment.


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Weight275 kg

11000 W


129 Km/h


160 Km


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