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The original Onewheel electric gyro-skate

The Onewheel a special electric skateboard because it only has one wheel! This seems completely impossible and crazy at first glance but in reality the construction of the beast is simple: the electronic elements are in the board (which remains quite surprising because the board is rather fine).

All Terrain

This electric skate is, because of the very ‘big’ central tire, able to roll on the bitumen, the ground, the beaten tracks, in short a surface of sand could possibly (surely) be right of the machine … The crossings are excellent, the fairly easy jumping of obstacles and the jolts resulting from the deformations of the ground do not feel as much as that.

500W motor, 48V battery

Skate is powerful thanks to its engine and is announced for:

  • 30% of odds
  • 24km / h in top speed

The vehicle has a 48V LiFePo4 battery capable of holding between 9 and 11 km

The battery charge of this skateboard is fast and takes only about twenty minutes (hat).

“Gyroscopic” driving

Unlike other electric skates, the one wheel, because of its shape and the position of its wheel, can be driven with the inclinations of the body like any other gyroscopic machine (gyroroue, Segway …)

Mobile Apps

The OneWheel has Android and iOS compatible mobile applications; these are used to:

  • Set driving mode: Classic – Extrem – Elevated
  • Set the light
  • Set the top speed
  • Observe the speed, the remaining charge
  • Train through guided exercises, see perfecting your level (freestyle)

A totally clean design

OneWheel stuck to a minimum … and they did not need to add anything. This simplistic design highlights the functional side of the device but it’s also fun to watch!

We note the presence of white leds in the sense that you advance and red behind to signal your presence.



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Weight15 kg

10 Km


24 km/h




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