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Inmotion V3 pro

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The INMOTION V3 pro is a UNIQUE electric unicycle with 2 wheels.

It’s the smartest, most stylish, most transportable and easiest to use unicycle. It will seduce all lovers and users of this type of gear for its quality of manufacture and that of its equipment, to achieve long distances, it will also seduce neophytes, those who want to acquire their first unicycle, for its ease of taken in hand.

These 2 wheels allow the INMOTION V3 to have a great stability, which makes learning fast. The machine is more tolerant, more reassuring and really easier to control than its competitors. It is therefore possible to take pleasure very quickly and to feel at ease.

Another singularity, it has an extensible handle extremely practical to move the craft without difficulty when not piloted. It is perfectly integrated and is part of the superb design of the machine.

Its beautiful design in the form of a drop of water. This particular design allows the rider to be in perfect harmony with the machine and feel maximum comfort. he is much thinner than most competing machines and falls naturally between the legs of the pilot without the latter having to adopt an uncomfortable position or to make efforts to keep the legs apart.

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