16 kg

70 Km


25 – 30 Km/h


800 W

Kingsong KS14S 14″ – 840 WH

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The Kingsong 14-inch wheel with an even more powerful 800W motor and its high capacity battery of max 840Wh

The Kingsong monoshock in 14 inch has a beautiful design with soft shapes and pearlescent colors. In this version we find all the kingsong wheel bite with a motor of 800W in nominal (2400W in peak) and a battery of very high autonomy up to 70km!

Comfort: The wheel cushions (PAD) are large enough for your calves to rest comfortably for maximum driving comfort. Large and long bean shaped pedals are equipped with a non-slip rubber coating to prevent your feet from slipping on the side.

Power and stability: Its power is particularly appreciated when it comes to climbing a hill up to 30 ° or to pass a small obstacle like a sidewalk. Its wheel size 16 inches, gives it stability and safety of use, it is also easier to pass the small obstacles of the street without hindrance. You choose between three driving modes (Hard / Medium / Soft) to adapt the wheel to your style. All for just 16 kg is a kilo less than the KS14C version in this type of battery thanks to a brand new engine.

Endurance: The autonomy given by its battery in 840Wh reaches up to 70 km in a single charge. The Kingsong 14 monohull is one of the most convenient ways to get around everyday. She is not afraid of intensive use on your daily journey. The large capacity of its battery also means less frequent charges and greater longevity.

Fast, your electric wheel can reach as standard the speed of 25km / h. Speed ​​alarms are adjustable from your smartphone. Unbreakable at 30km / H!

Side equipment, Kingsong electric gyro will meet all your expectations!

Amenities: White lights at the front and red lights at the back allow you to see and be seen. The lights of your monoroue are said “intelligent”: they adapt to the direction in which you roll to remain always white forwards and red towards the back whatever is the direction in which you put your electric unicycle.

But it is especially for its trolley perfectly integrated that appreciates the wheel KS16, so you will not have to carry it most of the time. Its handle unfolds and you can roll the gyro at your side without having to force. It is extremely convenient to move freely in the shopping centers, train station, metro without being disturbed. Its central integration preserves the aesthetics of the KS16 Wheel but also makes it the easiest trolley to maneuver the same wheel off. Once retracted in closed position, the trolley becomes a solid handle with which you can also carry your wheel, if you have to climb a staircase for example.

The queen of pop! kingsong would not be kingsong if your wheel did not have its 5W bluetooth speakers to stream your music or any other sound from your phone.

The LED strip tells you the level of your battery but also decorates your wheel with different colorful pattern that scroll.

A dedicated application: Set your driving style, your alarms and follow your speeds, course and battery, manage the sound of your monoroue … The application also allows you to make updates of the firmware of your wheel and aisnis benefit from latest improvements of the gym without changing frames. The kingsong KS 14S 840 monoshell will take you far and surely, every day.

Safety: Your wheel is stable, well balanced and has all the measures to ensure your safety. So that you ride with confidence, the gyroroue is equipped with audible alerts and a tilt back at different levels adjustable by the smartphone interface. Its alerts indicate that it exceeds a speed threshold, or a slope (for example, strong acceleration, slope …) or a low battery level.

The gyroroue, a new ideal mode of movement:

The Kingsong gyro is ideal for leisure and fun thanks to excellent gliding sensations worthy of those of other sports such as skiing, rollerblading or skateboarding, it is also a precious ally for daily travel to avoid, traffic jams, hassle … etc …..

The Gyroroue is the most compact electric light personal vehicle to date: the size of a large backpack, an electric unicycle is easy to slip under a desk, store under a sofa or closet, and easy to take travelling. The owl is both a practical means of transportation and a playful leisure object. We can do several tens of kilometers a day, and, with appropriate training, give free rein to his imagination to perform acrobatic tricks called “trick”. It is also perfect for Sunday family walks, while enjoying the sensations of skiing near an urban skier.


  •  The trolley stretch handle is essential!
  •  Integrated equipment: lighting / loudspeaker
  •  Motor and battery performance

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Weight16 kg

70 Km


25 – 30 Km/h


16 Kg


800 W


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