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Lumos Matrix Helmet

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At the Eurobike, the new Lumos Matrix helmet received a Eurobike Award.

“It’s the joyful design and light effects that make this Los Angeles urban helmet so fun! The programming of the new patterns for neon lights at the back of the helmet are also particularly valuable. ”

The Lumos Matrix offers absolute security and combines urban look, style and functionality. The first urban Lumos helmet is equipped with turn signals and built-in LED stop lights, twice as powerful as those of its predecessor.

Choose your style with over 70 different LED programs at the back of your head and never go unnoticed in traffic.

Sign in to the Lumos app to track your trips and share your data with Apple Health or Google Fit.

The Lumos helmet is available in one size and fits a 54 – 61cm head circumference.

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Helmets are not returned or exchanged for reasons of safety and hygiene!

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