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Quad Lock Run Kit for Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Quad Lock armband opens up the Quad Lock attachment system to new uses for runners and fitness enthusiasts. No longer will you have to struggle to slip your smartphone into a neoprene armband or plastic pouch. With the Quad Lock one-click locking system, your phone is securely attached to your arm. No other sports armband lets you lock or unlock your smartphone as fast as the Quad Lock armband. It is the lightest and strongest binding system on the market. Incorporating a patented two-level locking system, it is the most secure and reliable way to secure your smartphone. A simple twist of the wrist, and it’s locked. The “click” lets you know your phone is securely attached! ”The Quad Lock® protective case is made from impact resistant polycarbonate and is compatible with the entire Quad Lock range of mounts.

What’s included:

  • Quad Lock armband

  • 1 Quad Lock case for Samsung Galaxy S8


  • The strap is fully adjustable
  • Compatible with all Quad Lock cases
  • Hand washable strap


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