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Electric motor scooter NIU – NGT

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NIU, a world leader in electric motor scooter

NIU expands its range of electric  motor scooters for 2019 with the NIU NGT, thanks to which the well-known Asian brand intends to conquer the European market.

“Niu is a company created in September 2014 to meet the mobility needs and regulations in the Chinese cities, where traffic jams are legion and the level of pollution very high. As a result, electric is mandatory in China, making it the largest electric scooter market in the world. “

Two-seater scooter

The NIU NGT is a two-seat scooter connected via mobile application and fully electric, consisting of a first PANASONIC Lithium-Ion battery pack housed under the saddle and a second block located in the tray. Each battery weighs about 11 kg.

A simple, efficient and secure recharge

The manufacturer announces a fast recharge of 3:30 per battery, very convenient and relatively fast for this autonomy. The batteries are easy to extract and handle, which gives the user the flexibility to charge them at home or in the office, in short! Lightness and ease, are synonymous with NIU NGT. Note that the parallel charge of the batteries is possible with a Y.

NIU NGT performance

The NIU NGT is equipped with an electric motor of the German brand BOSCH, developing 3000W of nominal power and propelling the scooter at a maximum speed of 70km / h. The acceleration is very strong: 0 to 50 km / h in less than 5 sec!

A very long autonomy and three driving modes

The electric scooter is equipped with an intelligent electronic brake system (EBS) that recharges the batteries during braking.

On the other hand, the NGT offers you 3 driving modes:

• Energy saving mode to reduce consumption and extend battery life.

• Dynamic Mode, for versatile driving.

• Sport mode to get the maximum torque (maximum consumption).

Note that the maximum range of the scooter is 170 km (eco mode, optimal temperature / driving conditions).


In terms of comfort, and in terms of driving, the NIU NGT takes the strong points of the NIU N1S: a low center of gravity, powerful braking and a neutral, comfortable and pleasant driving position. The scooter is approved to accommodate obviously a driver and his passenger, hence the presence of retractable passenger footpegs.

A connected Scooter, a smart driver

You will also find connected features specific to the NIU range. Indeed, the model is equipped with a GPS tracking system to locate it, motion sensors that can receive alerts from an alarm, but also access to remote diagnosis. Finally, it also has a mobile internet connection built into the scooter and a USB port at the front.

An intelligent dashboard

The dashboard displays different colors depending on driving style and speed. In addition, the display provides all the navigation information of the electric scooter in real time.

Minor disadvantages of NIU NGT

The only downside to the NIU NGT is the lack of storage space under the saddle, since it is occupied by the second battery. So to put away your helmet it will be necessary to use an optional top-box adapted to the line of the NIU NGT.

What comes with the NIU N-GT

• A quick charger

• One Y to charge both batteries in parallel 

• 2 batteries (one below the feet, one below the saddle)




* Not included in the price of delivery, commissioning and registration.

** Battery weight not included

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Weight87 kg

70 Km/h


150 Km


3500 W


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