51 kg

~ 58 Km


1200 W


45 Km/h

NIU M-PRO Electric Motor Scooter

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NIU M-PRO, a resolutely urban electric scooter

The NIU M-PRO electric scooter is a city scooter, ultra-design, lightweight, compact, easy to handle, powerful and decidedly technological

  • A battery capacity (autonomy of ~ 58 km) which remains light (8.3 kg)
  • Excellent manufacturing quality
  • A BOSCH engine
  • An ultra connected scooter with a quality smartphone app. The smartphone is geo-localizable in real time.
  • A licked and modern design

LG quality battery, lightweight, extractable and state-of-the-art

The NIU M-PRO‘s battery is very easily removable from the scooter, giving the driver the flexibility to charge it to any 220V outlet at home, at the restaurant, at work … The capacity / weight ratio of the LG battery scooter is excellent because it can provide enough current to travel distances of ~ 58 km for the modest weight of 8 kg.

Note that the NIU M-PRO battery incorporates PACK technology adopted by international car manufacturers, to create “armor” around each individual cell of the battery to maintain its integrity.

The NIU M-PRO is smart

Unlike many other scooters on the market, the NIU is equipped with an auto turn-off technology


  • The NIU M-PRO is ultra connected, the manufacturer has developed for this beautiful electric scooter a mobile application that can track the vehicle in real time GPS tracking and monitoring of autonomy, temperature and many others useful navigation data.


  • Remote search of your scooter. Your scooter is lost in a parking lot, no problem, it will signal its position by a sound indication.


Not included in the price of delivery, commissioning and registration.

Additional information

Weight51 kg

grey, mat black, white


~ 58 Km


1200 W


45 Km/h


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