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Silence S01

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Silence° S01 is the most anticipated model in the Spanish manufacturer’s range of electric scooters. So far specialized in electric scooters for delivery, Silence’s Catalans are investing in the retail market with a particularly well-developed model.

Electric “big scooters” (BMW C Evolution, Rider 9000W in the lead) are rarely equipped with removable batteries, because of their weight and the difficulty of extracting them from the scooter. The Silence electric scooters intelligently circumvent the problem with a removable battery pack on wheels, transportable like a trolley. The battery pack is then simply charged to a 220V socket. Allow about 4 hours for a full charge.

Equivalent 125 cm3, Silence S01 frenzy statistics for a vehicle of this range:

  • 0 to 50 km / h in 3.8 seconds
  • 7,000 W nominal power, 11,000 W peak power
  • Only 105 kg on the scale without the battery, 125 kg with
  • Seat under the seat to store 2 helmets

Even if it accelerates strongly, Silence S01 allows fine metering acceleration, thanks to its latest generation controller, and thus avoids unpleasant jolts. The 3 driving modes can be changed on the fly, while driving:

  • Eco mode limits speed to 45 km / h and extends range
  • City mode balances power and autonomy
  • Sport mode allows to reach 100 km / h (electronic clamping) and increases the engine brake, to recover some of the braking energy

Reverse is available, it facilitates parking maneuvers for example. The Silence S01 is approved for a range of 115 km per load (approval according to the European standard, that is to say under fairly favorable conditions). In Eco mode, the range will exceed 130 km, in Sport mode, the range will be less than 100 km.

Silence S01 is similar to an application that allows access to several more or less useful information: trips made, CO2 emissions saved, remote opening of the trunk, GPS to locate the scooter, alert in case of fall or flight !

Life aboard the Silence S01 is pleasant, the meter is readable and allows in particular to have an estimate of the remaining battery life (rare on electric scooters!). A USB socket makes it possible to connect a telephone for example. The driving position and the seat height are suitable for all sizes, comfort on board is close enough to the BMW C Evolution, with plenty of legroom.



Not included in the price of delivery, commissioning and registration!

*without batteries

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Weight125 kg

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130 Km


11000 W


100 Km/h


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