11.3 kg

35 km/h


40-45 Km


575W 36V

E-TWOW Super Booster V PREMIUM – Swiss Edition

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E-TWOW Super Booster V PREMIUM 2020

The Super Booster V PREMIUM is new for July 2020. Its strengths:

  • Latest generation electronics July 2020

  • Secure folding system with double locking and easy opening

  • Side reflectors

  • A soft rubber rear wheel as wide as that of the front wheel

  • An extended rear fender with no screws required

  • An improved structure

  • A new controller


  • free carry handle
  • IP54 waterproofing offered (made by Tec&Way)
  • premium maintenance service offered the first year
  • 10% on an accessory of your choice (helmet, crutch, satchel …)

Why choose E-TWOW scooters?

  • Better speed / climbing ability in coast / range of its weight class.
  • Comfort and serenity thanks to its double front and rear suspensions, its puncture-proof wheels of 8 inches.
  • Light weight for its performance 10.9 kg to where other scooters with the same performance will weigh up to 16 kg.
  • Compactness that allows him to slip into public transport, the trunk of a car, at home or at work.
  • Brand identity strong, marketed since 2014, whose service and availability will always be assured, unlike other brands that appear and disappear very quickly.

Choosing the electric scooter as a traveling companion, is to adopt the ideal vehicle to move quickly without effort and without constraints in an urban environment. Its grip, its use is easy and fast. A child’s play. Once on, you control the acceleration and braking with two triggers on both sides of the handlebars. You will be surprised by its comfort and its ability to change your daily life, whether to go to your place of work, do your shopping or for a walk on weekends. She travels with you during your holidays too!

To put it away, the electric scooter folds and unfolds in seconds. Compact and discreet, your electric scooter will find its place outside in a café, in a corner of an office and any other place equipped with an electrical outlet. Its compact and quiet charger can be carried anywhere for recharging at any time. The total loading time, depending on the distance traveled, is 1 to 5 hours maximum.

For those who travel by car or camper in difficult to access parking, the electric scooter E-Twow will be your perfect companion for your last mile. It is also the multi-modal solution for travelers using public transport. For safety, unlike a bike that flies easily, like to take it with you will never have to put anti-theft on your electric scooter.

The E-TWOW Super BOOSTER V reaches a record autonomy compared to all previous models. This result is due to advanced electronics coupled with a powerful and enduring battery.

This new scooter allows you to cover a distance of 45 km (depending on weight, wind, inclination of the ground, road surface, average speed, driving style, etc.).

And as for the whole range of E-TWOW scooters:

  •  Autonomy far above average portable electric vehicles.
  •  Comparable speed and now faster than a city bike
  •  Design very close to a classic scooter with a floor-level platform and freewheels allow use in classic scooters
  •  Modern with color LCD display for speed, distance traveled and battery charge level
  •  Secure with powerful front magnetic brake, rear mechanical backup brake, and more grippy rear wheels
  •  Powerful front lighting with 6 LEDs to be visible during the night
  •  Compact and lightweight to easily take home, at your desk (under a table corner) and on public transport (train, metro, bus)

Characteristics :

  • Dimensions: 940x1160x135x mm (unfolded), 940x330x150 mm (folded)
  • Weight: 10.9 kg
  • Maximum load: 110 kg
  • Maximum speed: 35km / h
  • Crossing 28 ° uphill
  • Autonomy *: 40-45 km
  • Charger: 230 V 3 A
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Motor: 500W 36V Brushless DC
  • Maximum rotation: 950 rpm
  • SAMSUNG Li-Ion cells: 36V /14 Ah
  • Maximum torque: 20 N.m


* variable according to weight, speed, inclination, wind … etc

Insure your vehicle with Baloise property insurance!

The advance battery recycling tax is included in the purchase price

Additional information

Weight11.3 kg
Dimensions94 × 13.5 × 116 cm

black, blue, green, grey, indigo, red, white


35 km/h


40-45 Km


575W 36V


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